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  • LogViewer

    A simple graphical viewer for XML logs created by the java.util.logging.XMLFormatter.

    Download LogViewer
  • Game of Life

    A game of life program that supports the "Life 1.05" and "Life 1.06" file format. A good pattern library can be found at http://www.conwaylife.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page. The program also features a population graph.

    Download Game of Life
  • Diff Images

    With this programm you can visualize the differences between two images. You can either substract the images from one another or you can highlight the differences.

    Download DiffImages
  • Webcomic Downloader

    With this program you can download the webcomics from XKCD and Goblins to your harddrive. There is nothing better than having your favourite webcomic as a desktop slideshow.

    Download the WebcomicDownloader
  • TCP Server/Client

    This is a small Java Program that allows you to open TCP connections to any host and port or to wait for such connections on any Port. Once a connection is established, you can send and receive messages. You could, for example, connect to a webserver and then send a HTTP request, in other words, browse manually.

    I have to admit that this program serves no pratical use, but it's fun to play around with.

    Download TCP Server/Client
  • BilanManager

    This is a program for keeping track of your finances. It's very simple and not meant for professional use. This is a newer version that stores the data locally in a subfolder. Give it a try, I find it very usefull.

    Download BilanManager
  • Brainfuck Interpreter

    This is an interpreter for the programming language Brainfuck written in JAVA

    Download Brainfuck Interpreter
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